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Strength is for all. Movement is for all. Become a part of the Prevail: Open Gym (POG) community to discover programs that empower you to build strength and maximize movement.  Learn just what you are capable of, thrive on camaraderie with others, grow your confidence and test your limits through exciting, thoughtfully designed workouts created just for Prevail by its Coaches.  

Enroll in one program. Enroll in both. How will you prevail? 

POG Offerings


Empower yourself like never before.

Strength unites us all. Zero gym experience? Plagued by old injuries, chronic pain or a long period of inactivity? Seasoned athlete looking for an edge?  Seeking a routine that will build longevity? Maybe you just know there’s more for you and want a way to level up in body and mind?  Prevailing Strength (PS) is built for you.  

After getting oriented with our introductory Prelude course, PS will take you from the shallows out into deeper water with growing confidence as you build strength session by session through challenging workouts incorporating barbells, bands, breath work and all things in between. 

At PSxM we approach strength strategically. Experience a program that scales to your ability, engages both body and mind, and invites you to overcome together with our Prevail: Open Gym community. Strength is how we prevail.

May be combined with Mobility x Movement (MxM).



Training to move your body and mind.

Strength begins and ends with mastery over oneself. The Mobility x Movement (MxM) program builds strength through better movement. With the firm foundation set by our introductory Prelude course, you'll be ready for MxM's progression-focused training sessions. Through a seamless blend of workouts therapeutic and strenuous, you will refine your current movement skills; and learn new ones. 

Increase your flexibility. Improve your balance and coordination. Decrease pain. Develop greater control. Enhance your body awareness (proprioception). Explore the invigorating freedom and growing mastery of newly unlocked movement abilities.  

Learn about yourself, and encourage others in Prevail’s Open Gym setting with signature programming created by its Coaches.  

May be combined with Prevailing Strength (PS).

Prevail: Open Gym (POG): Prevail: Open Gym (POG)
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